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Tessa A. Hadlock, M.D.

Dr. Hadlock assumed directorship of the Center in 2002; she has overseen its growth to include a robust team of subspecialty physicians, two dedicated physical therapists, and a specialized facial paralysis nurse, amongst others. Under her leadership, the volume of patients coming for treatment from around the globe has significantly increased, and the number and extent of services offered has steadily risen. She has embraced the condition of facial paralysis as her concentrated focus, and is continuously accepting opportunities to study, speak about, and advocate for patients with this condition.

Michael J. McKenna, M.D.

Dr. McKenna brings 25 years of neuro-otologic experience to the Facial Nerve Center, and is an expert in tumors of the facial nerve and skull base. A pioneer of the team approach to the management of the paralyzed face, he has spent the past several decades forging relationships with facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons, oculoplastic and cornea specialists, and head and neck oncologists. He brings both a historic perspective as well as a modern approach to individualized management of complex facial nerve problems.


 The Facial Nerve Center draws upon the expertise of qualified Boston-area ophthalmologists, including Oculoplastic Surgeon Dr. Aaron Fay and Mass. Eye and Ear General Ophthalmologist Dr. Carolyn Kloek, to handle specific ocular issues that may arise in patients with facial paralysis. The Center also involves specialists in strabismus correction and neuro-ophthalmologic conditions when these issues arise.