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Physical Therapists

Mara Wernick Robinson

Mara Wernick Robinson, P.T., M.S., N.C.S.
"The role of physical therapy at the Facial Nerve Center is to educate patients about the anatomy of the facial muscles, and to guide them on an individualized exercise program aimed at optimizing function and appearance, and minimizing associated pain. We offer an evidence-based approach, including neuromuscular re-education, soft tissue massage, and biofeedback, with the goal of improving quality of life. It’s exciting to be part of a team that cares so much about each individuals' specific needs. I enjoy helping patients regain their facial expressions because expressing yourself is such an integral part of who we are. The beauty of working as a physical therapist at the Facial Nerve Center is that we are a team, constantly working together to provide optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction."

Jennifer Baiungo

Jennifer Baiungo
"The ability to communicate through the use of various facial expressions is something that most people take for granted. Here at the Facial Nerve Center, we provide patients with facial paralysis a setting in which to work toward regaining their facial movement. We utilize a team approach at the Center to ensure a comprehensive assessment of, and an individualized treatment plan for each patient. Physical therapy plays an integral role in educating patients about the function of facial musculature and methods in which to improve comfort and control of this musculature. Our treatments focus on extensive patient education, soft tissue mobilization, neuromuscular reeducation exercise and use of biofeedback with the overall goal of improved quality of life. Working with patients who have facial paralysis is both professionally challenging and rewarding. It is an honor to be part of a team that is constantly striving to master and advance the rehabilitation and medical and surgical management of this patient population."