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"Dear Dr. Hadlock & Staff -

Thank you for all the great care and support. You have given me the confidence to achieve my goals in life...

Thanks for everything!
See you soon,

— Amy, New York





"Dr. Hadlock,

Words cannot express our thankfulness for the work & support you have given Aaron. He is now able to smile at the world with both sides of his face!

Thank you so much,

—Aaron's Family, Georgia





“with an incredible amount of skill… through hours of the most delicate surgeries imaginable, a nerve was transplanted from his lower leg area, and later a muscle from his thigh – he had a bionic face, and what a beautiful face it was. Combined with a generous supply of love and talent from therapist Mara Robinson, they fixed it! They made the smile return… and supplied an every day endless amount of happiness to him and hence directly to our entire family…"
— Major, Minnesota

"I would like to thank you for your critical support during this most difficult recovery process ... I can finally see a glimpse of the proverbial light at the end of this journey. I'd like to thank you, Mara, for her physical and emotional support throughout all of this time, and thank you, Dr. Hadlock, for your continued care and the professional expertise that have led to a greater quality of life... for the first time, in a very long time, I didn't cringe when I looked in the mirror and saw my former self staring back at me. For the first time in a very long time, my eye that cries shed its first tear of joy. Thank you both for making all of this bearable... My gratitude runs deep. May God bless you!"
— Lucia, Massachusetts

"I feel that as a result of my illness I had a lot of experiences in my recovery that left me with questions about what steps were up to me as part of my recovery, and what hope I had for the long-term.

I really felt I wanted to believe there was a path to further my recovery but I couldn’t find a source to help me find that path. And when I found Dr. Hadlock, she said, at my initial visit, ‘your song isn’t over.’ She filled me with hope and made me feel like I had found a home to help me further my recovery."
— John from Cape Cod, Massachusetts