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About the Center

The Facial Nerve Center is exclusively dedicated to the treatment of facial nerve disorders, and offers a full range of conventional and innovative therapies, as well as advanced surgical techniques. Our multidisciplinary staff provides superior care and compassionate support for patients with difficult-to-manage facial nerve disorders.

There are many causes for disorders of the facial nerve, and these often result in significant disfigurement and impaired function. Patients coming to the Center present with a variety of concerns regarding their facial paralysis, in addition to wanting to be sure about a proper diagnosis. Patients may experience difficulties with speech and eating, facial asymmetry, drooling, and an inability to close the eye on the paralyzed side. A less obvious but often grave concern is the inability to express emotion on the affected side. This loss of ability to communicate non-verbally can be extremely bothersome. Many patients also experience a reluctance to appear in public, and refrain from simple pleasures such as dining out.

To address the need for services dedicated to this problem, the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary's Facial Nerve Center was established in 1989. The Center provides the experience and expertise of a team of medical specialists skilled in the evaluation and treatment of facial nerve disorders.

The Facial Nerve Center at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary houses a variety of dedicated service areas. All examination rooms are equipped with laptop computers, with one room designated for capturing photographic and video documentation of facial movement. Our physical therapy rooms are designed to accommodate electrophysiological testing of facial nerve function. We also have an on-site Outcomes Research Center to track the efficacy of various treatment modalities. In addition, fine muscular function measurements can be performed at the Neurology Department next door at the Massachusetts General Hospital.