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Earlobe Repair

Your ears are one of the most visible parts of your body and can often require cosmetic repair. Often it is because the earlobes have been pulled down after years of wearing heavy earrings. Some people simply wish to have old holes closed, which may have been torn or misplaced when piercing, and new holes pierced in a different location. While others may want to change the shape of their earlobes.

Earlobe repair can be performed under local anesthesia. The procedure is quick, safe, virtually painless, and does not require any downtime.

Initial Visit

During a patient's complimentary first visit, the doctor will discuss the patient's overall state of health, and expectations for an earlobe repair. The procedure will be discussed in detail.

Pre-Operative Procedures

Patients are required to refrain from smoking and taking aspirin products for two weeks prior to surgery. Smoking interferes with circulation and healing, and products containing aspirin or ibuprofen thin the blood and increase the risk of bleeding.


For a torn earlobe, the procedure consists of "freshening" the edges of the split by removing a small amount of skin. Then using fine sutures, the split is stitched together.

To change the shape of the earlobe, unwanted tissue is removed and the area is sutured.

Post-Operative Procedures

Patients go home immediately after the procedure with flesh-colored steri-strips over the incisions.Bacitracin may be given to apply to the affected area. Sutures are removed one to two weeks after the repair procedure. Healing generally takes 4 to 6 weeks. Earlobes are usually re-pierced after 8 to 10 weeks.

Surgical Risks

As a minimally invasive procedure risks are small but may include swelling, bruising, bleeding and infection.


If you are unhappy with or embarrassed by your earlobes, please come in to discuss simple repair.