Appointments in Vision Rehabilitation

The Vision Rehabilitation Center is located on the 8th floor of Mass. Eye and Ear in downtown Boston. Patient appointments are scheduled between the hours of 8:30 am and 5:00 pm on weekdays.

To make an appointment, or for more information, please call: 617-573-4177

What to Expect

Each patient is evaluated to determine the appropriate rehabilitation interventions for his/her particular vision loss and follow-up care may be recommended. Please inquire with our staff about the length of time your appointment may require. VRC patients may receive:

  • A comprehensive low vision evaluation to fully appreciate the potential of his/her residual vision
  • A test to evaluate the central visual field and the best retinal areas for reading
  • Information about beneficial visual aids, ranging from simple magnifiers to innovative optical devices or technologies, video camera magnifiers or computers with magnification or speech output
  • Training in using residual vision by occupational therapists
  • Training in strategies such as enhancing contrast, using alternate formats and making home and lifestyle changes to enhance safety
  • Advice about transportation alternatives and strategies to allow patients to continue to participate in activities that give them pleasure
  • The help of an occupational therapist in the Center or in his/her home to learn how to safety and independently accomplish daily tasks

Are VRC Services Covered by Medical Insurance?

The evaluation by a physician and training by an occupational therapist are covered by most third-party insurance carriers, which may require pre-authorization of services. The cost of optical aids is not covered by most insurance companies. Patients are encouraged to check with their insurance carrier and employer prior to care.

A Note for the Referring Doctor

Our services supplement your medical and surgical care. Referrals are made after your assessment and diagnosis, as our services are limited to rehabilitation. We require a medical eye exam to have been completed within the past six months to ensure that optimal treatments are offered prior to rehabilitation. Please forward a summary of diagnosis and treatment before the patient’s first visit occurs. If this information is not available, or if the patient desires, we can arrange a comprehensive eye exam at Mass. Eye and Ear.


Directed by Amy Watts, O.D., an optometrist with specific interest in vision rehabilitation, the Center’s committed staff of technicians and occupational therapists understand the impact of irreversible vision loss of patients and their families.