Refractive Surgery/Laser Vision Correction

There are many ways to surgically improve your vision. Experience the Mass. Eye and Ear difference.

You can trust the physicians at Mass. Eye and Ear to help you choose the right solution to achieve your vision goals.

Since 1824, patients have come to Mass. Eye and Ear to receive the most advanced care in ophthalmology and otolaryngology. Throughout our history, our physicians have led clinical advances and research that have resulted in the discovery of disease causing genes, the perfection of new diagnostic and treatment techniques, and patient care discoveries.

Today, Mass. Eye and Ear is an international leader in ophthalmology and otolaryngology, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School, and a global resource for patients and clinicians alike. If you are considering laser vision correction surgery, you can feel confident that the physicians at Mass. Eye and Ear’s Laser Vision Correction Center offer unmatched experience and the latest techniques in the safety of one of the country’s leading hospitals.

Our physicians routinely perform vision correction procedures using the most advanced techniques and technology available today. Our goal is to provide you with the facts and resources you need to make the decision that is best for your situation.

View our Laser Vision Correction brochure for more information.

Locations: Patients can now have comprehensive evaluations completed at either our main center, 243 Charles Street, or at 800 Huntington Avenue, Boston (Mass. Eye and Ear, Longwood).

For appointments: Call 617-573-3234 for the main campus or 617-573-3202 for 800 Huntington Avenue (Mass. Eye and Ear, Longwood).

Brad's Story: PRK Laser Vision Correction from Mass. Eye and Ear on Vimeo.

After years of struggling with poor eye site, Brad finally decided that glasses were becoming too much for him and his active lifestyle. After his father had laser vision correction, Brad looked into it for himself. He came to Mass. Eye and Ear and found out he was not a good candidate for Lasik but was a great candidate for PRK. Now Brad is able to play with his 2 children and even joined the Mass. Eye and Ear Boston Marathon Team in 2014!