For Parents – the Pediatric Amplification Loaner (P.A.L.) Program

Parents of children with hearing loss are often concerned about the purchase of hearing aids for their child. These early years are a time of adjustment not only to the diagnosis of hearing loss, but to the concerns about the best way to manage the communication and educational needs of your child. Especially concerning is how each decision made for your child will effect his or her development in the long term.

For this reason, the Hearing Aid Center has developed a Pediatric Amplification Loaner (P.A.L.) Program. The P.A.L. Program provides the best hearing aids for your child during the most critical time of development. Under this program, the Hearing Aid Center will loan the most appropriate form of amplification to your child and exchange or upgrade the hearing aids as necessary to meet and maintain his or her changing developmental needs.

Why are the hearing aids loaned instead of purchased?

infant Changes in hearing, educational settings, and technology can affect the type of hearing aid that is selected for a child. By loaning a hearing aid, the child is not "locked" into the first hearing aid selected at the time of diagnosis. Therefore, as changes occur or as more insight is gained into the nature of the child's hearing loss, the hearing aid loaned is changed accordingly to maintain the best possible fitting.

This avoids the costly expense of purchasing new hearing aids each time a change is deemed necessary.

What does the program provide?

Upon purchase of the program, you are provided with a properly functioning hearing aid for one year. Minimal consultation fees may be incurred for exchanges and upgrades. Custom earmolds and other accessories are not included in the P.A.L. Program.

How do I know if the hearing aids that are loaned are of good quality?

All hearing aids loaned in the P.A.L. Program are no more than two years old. Periodic monitoring will be conducted throughout the year to insure proper function and appropriateness of the hearing aids.

What happens if the hearing aid malfunctions or is accidentally lost or damaged?

Malfunctioning or damaged hearing aids will be repaired without charge. Instruments accidentally lost or damaged beyond repair will be replaced with the same or a similar model without any charge for either parts or labor. There is a modest fee for replacement.

What if we decide to discontinue our enrollment in the P.A.L. Program?

If you choose to terminate participation in the P.A.L. Program, a prorated refund of the time remaining in the program will be issued.

What happens after a year?

The P.A.L. Program can be renewed and the process begins again.