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One of RIT’s core services is to assist you in acquiring the computer hardware and software you need. We are positioned to help your purchase what you need but also have hardware and software available for use.

RIT and IS have a limited number of software licenses for use by research and academics at the infirmary on MEEI owned computers.
The software packages available for 2011-2012 are:
·         MS Office 2010 Professional for PC, MS Office 2008 Professional for Mac
·         Endnote X4 for PC and Mac
·         Adobe CS 5 Premium (Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, Acrobat Professional X) for Mac and PC
·         Matlab 2010, 2011 for PC and Mac.*
·         DNA Star Lasergene 9 for Mac and PC*
·         Vector NTI 11 for PC*
·         National Instruments Labview
*These packages require that the computer they are installed on be within the MEEI network. If you require off site usage please contact us.
If you need something other than what is on this list please feel free to email us at and request a quote. We do have access to Educational pricing (Harvard UIS) and typically can get software at a lower than retail price.  A Harvard ID (HUID) is required for most purchases.
RIT works with the Research and Educational community to replace old and obsolete desktop class computers.  If you have a computer that you feel meets the criteria please contact RIT for an evaluation. If it qualifies we will do our best to centrally fund the replacement however this program is subject to inventory and budgetary constraints. All replaced computers must be turned in to RIT.
RIT can assist with purchasing new computer hardware. We do have existing relationships with vendors that do offer discounted pricing. If you wish to purchase something feel free to send us an email explaining what you would like and we’ll gladly seek a quote with the best possible options to meet your needs.
If you a purchasing a new computer you will be required to pay for the licensing of the Microsoft Services used by the computer. These include applications and network services. Please contact us for a quote and to answer any questions you may have about this. If you are replacing an existing machine you will not have to pay for the licensing but you will need to retire the existing system to keep the counts in our agreement correct.
If you are purchasing something that will require that clinical applications be installed we ask that you contact IS