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Bioinformatics Resources in the Harvard System

    BioInformatics Resources


    Howe Library eJournals

    MGH eJournals (Partners password required)

    HMS/Countway eJournals
    After entering ecommons password, click on Electronic Journals

    Harvard eJournals
    To access either Harvard Medical School ejournals or the entire Harvard University
    ejournal collection  (includes some medical journals not on the Countway site) it
    is necessary to enter through the eCommons portal.  After entering ecommons
    password, click on Digital Library Home, then E-Research at Harvard (under CORE
    TOOLS), then Find e-journals.



eBooks Master List

    MD Consult e-books 

    OVID eBooks 

     R2 Library
                Essentials of Cataract Surgery
                Common Neuro-Ophthalmic Pitfalls

On-line catalogs:

    Sydney: MEEI/MGH/ Partners libraries catalog

    HOLLIS – Harvard University catalog  

Other links:

    Countway Library, Harvard Medical School
    Catalyst - the HMS resource for bioinformatics


*CONDITIONS OF USE for ELECTRONIC RESOURCES Electronic resources available through the MEEI Libraries are licensed by the hospital for non-commercial use for educational and research purposes only. The terms and conditions of the institutions’ agreements with the vendors and publishers of these electronic resources regulate your use of these resources. These conditions include but are not limited to restrictions on copying, republishing, altering, redistributing and reselling the information contained therein. For detailed terms and conditions governing your use of a particular electronic resource, please contact the library staff. Included in this list are selected holdings from the libraries of MGH and Harvard Medical School. These may be accessed by those who have the appropriate affiliation and have been given a user name and password by the institution. Similar copyright restrictions apply as apply to MEEI licensed resources.