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Harvard Medical School Department of Otolaryngology

Hearing and Deafness

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Eaton-Peabody Laboratories

  Auditory Prostheses
   Central Auditory Circuits
  Cochlear Mechanics and Otoacoustic Emissions
  Inner Ear: Drug Delivery
Inner Ear: Hair Cell and Cochlear Nerve
  Inner Ear: Regeneration
  Inner Ear: Sensorineural Hearing Loss
  Middle Ear: Conductive Hearing Loss
  Tinnitus and Central Rehabilitation

Otopathology Laboratory

  Histopathology of the Human Temporal Bone
  Immunohistochemistry of the Human Temporal Bone

Clinical Outcomes Research

  Unilateral Hearing Loss
  Auditory Brainstem Responses
  Hearing Aid Fitting Algorithms
  Vestibular Schwannoma