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3-D Virtual Model of the Round Window Area in Humans

We have developed a 3-D virtual model of the anatomy of the round window membrane and adjacent cochlear structures in the human. Knowledge of the spatial relationship of these structures has implications for cochlear implantation, wherein preservation of residual hearing is an important aim in some cases. Archival, 20 micron, celloidin embedded sections from a 14-year old male were used. Each and every section through the round window was stained, digitized and imported into a 3-D software program (Amira, version 3.1). A total of 201 number of sections were used to generate the model. The resulting 3-D model is a surface rendering of structures of interest including the round window, basilar membrane, osseous spiral lamina, scala media, spiral ligament, cochlear aqueduct, inferior cochlear vein and related venous structures, scala vestibuli, scala tympani and ductus reuniens.

The model was developed by Haobing Wang, Clarinda Northrop, Barbara Burgess, Saumil Merchant, M.D., and Joseph B. Nadol, Jr., M.D. Supported by a Core grant from the NIDCD (P30 DC05209).


System Requirements:

The EPL 3-D viewer software has been tested on Windows XP, Windows 2000, Red Hat Linux 9 and Mac OSX (10.5). To run this software, your graphics card must support OpenGL. (Most recently-made graphics cards have OpenGL support.) To display the sections, your graphics card must support texture mapping. The model may appear flickery on certain relatively old graphics cards.




Windows (XP):




MacOS X (10.3):

  • Download the zipped package. The package will be automatically uncompressed by the system.
  • Double click "Install.pkg". You may need to input the administrator's password. The software package will be installed at "Applications/3Dviewer".
  • To run the software, double click "3Dviewer".
  • When the program gets started, the teaching model will be loaded automatically.
  • Please refer to Users Guide for how to use this software.

    3-Dviewer of the Round Window Model (Mac ~36MB)



Download EPL 3DViewer Only: