Reza Dana, M.D., MPH, M.Sc.

Dana Lab

Dana_LabDr. Dana is currently doing research in the Mass. Eye and Ear Cornea Service and his lab at the Schepens Eye Research Institute to find new methods to treat the underlying conditions and symptoms of dry eye and blepharitis. His efforts are focused on finding out exactly how inflammation and immunity contribute to dry eye, and consequently which new therapeutic agents can target the disease mechanism. His bench to bedside approach brings his discoveries from the lab into the clinics of Mass. Eye and Ear allowing patients to have access to state-of-the-art treatments.

Clinical Trials

Dr. Dana’s research team is currently enrolling patients for three clinical studies on dry eye and blepharitis. The first is using a confocal microscope to take detailed images of the cornea to detect changes in the signs of the disorder. This will provide researchers and physicians information on the effects dry eye and blepharitis can have on corneal nerves.

The second study is to test the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory medicated drops on patients with posterior blepharitis, or inflammation of the inner part of the eyelid. Patients participating in this study use the study eye drops three times a day for three months. The medication is a synthesized naturally occurring protein in your body that helps to regulate inflammation. By controlling the inflammation in the eyelid it is hoped that the uncomfortable symptoms of blepharitis will diminish.

Another study focused on dry eye is using Restasis, an eye drop commonly used to treat dry eye. Dr. Dana is studying the effects of this eye drop in patients undergoing bone marrow or stem cell transplants. About 50% of patients will develop chronic dry eye disease after their transplant. The research team at Mass. Eye and Ear is trying to prevent the development of dry eye disease in this population by using Restasis eye drops before patients develop symptoms or signs of dry eye.

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