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Joan E. Stein-Streilein, Ph.D.

Center Affiliations

Research Summary

Dr. Stein-Streilein studies the cellular and cytokine regulation of local immune responses in the eye. While adaptive immune cells, like T lymphocytes, respond to antigen-specific signals by differentiating into effector cells, innate immune cells, like macrophages, NK and NKT cells, respond immediately by producing cytokines that bias the kind of adaptive immune response that follows. Currently, Dr. Stein-Streilein is focused on the role inflammatory-neuropeptides in the exaggeration of inflammation after ocular injury. Understanding the mechanisms that lead to dis-regulation of ocular immune regulation (also known as ocular immune privilege) may provide insights and guidance for new treatments of blinding ocular inflammatory diseases.

Photo of Joan E. Stein-Streilein, Ph.D.

Joan E. Stein-Streilein, Ph.D.


Schepens Eye Research Institute

20 Staniford Street

Boston, MA 02114

T: 617-7-912-7489