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James Chodosh, M.D., MPH

Harvard Medical School

David Glendenning Cogan Professor of Ophthalmology in the field of Cornea and External Disease, Department of Ophthalmology

Massachusetts Eye and Ear

Associate Director, Cornea and Refractive Surgery Service
Director, Cornea Fellowship (AUPO FCC)
Director, Boston Keratoprosthesis Clinical Programs
Medical Director, Optometry and Contact Lens Service
Senior Scientist

Center/Research Area Affiliations

Research Summary

Dr. Chodosh illuminates the molecular pathogenesis of adenoviral ocular infection and restores vision to those with blinding, autoimmune, corneal diseases through expanding the clinical scope of the Boston Keratoprosthesis (B-KPro), a unique corneal substitute developed by Dr. Claes H. Dohlman. His group is the worldwide leader inadenoviral ocular pathogenesis. Dr. Chodosh studies the viruses that cause the most severe form of pink eye, known as epidemic keratoconjunctivitis (EKC). In particular, his group generated the first whole genome sequencefor the adenoviruses that cause EKC, created the first mouse model of adenovirus keratitis, and pioneered the cornea as a model system in which to study the role of tissue fibroblasts in innate immune responses to infection.

Photo of James Chodosh, M.D., MPH

James Chodosh, M.D., MPH


Mass. Eye and Ear

243 Charles Street

Boston, MA 02114

T: 617-573-6398

F: 617-573-4324


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