Shrinivas J. Pundlik, Ph.D.

Research Summary

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Research Summary

Dr. Shrinivas Pundlik is primarily engaged in research in the areas of vision rehabilitation and mobility enhancement. His main ongoing research project is to develop and evaluate a video camera based collision warning device for visually impaired people. Working with Dr. Luo, he developed an algorithm to automatically predict collisions by analyzing optical flow in videos acquired from a body-mounted camera, and implemented it on a custom built portable hardware to do real-time video analysis and issue audio warnings. He also has been involved in the development and evaluation of various mobile apps for low vision rehabilitation, such as a video magnifier and stabilization app or a screen-share app to view magnified smartphone displays remotely on a head-mounted display (Google Glass).  These apps are designed to aid people with low vision in performing their daily activities such as reading, way finding, or interacting with their smartphones. In addition, he is working on development of a strabismus measurement app that will assist caregivers by allowing easy measurement of eye misalignment.

Selected Publications

For a full publication list, please see his CV.

Pundlik S, Yi H, Liu R, Peli E, Luo G. “Magnifying Smartphone Screen using Google Glass for Low-Vision Users.IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, 2016 (in press).

Tomasi M, Pundlik SJ, Bowers A, Peli E, Luo G. Mobile Gaze Tracking System for Outdoor Walking Behavioral Studies. Journal of Vision. 16(3):27, 2016.

Pundlik SJ, Tomasi M, Luo G. Evaluation of a portable collision warning device for patients with peripheral vision loss in an obstacle course. Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science. 57(4):2571-2579, 2015.

Tomasi M, Pundlik SJ, Luo G. FPGA–DSP co-processing for feature tracking in smart video sensors. Journal of Real-Time Image Processing (Special Issue Paper). March 2014.

Pundlik S, Woodard D, Birchfield S. “Iris Segmentation in Non-Ideal Images Using Graph Cuts.” Image and Vision Computing, 28(12):1671-1681, 2010.

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2002: BE, Electronics Engineering, University of Pune, Pune India

2005: MS, Electrical Engineering, Clemson University

2009: PhD, Electrical Engineering, Clemson University

Postgraduate Training

2009 - 2010: Research Associate; School of Computing, Clemson University

2010 - 2016: Postdoctoral Fellow; Schepens Eye Research Institute of Mass. Eye and Ear, Harvard Medical School


2007: Harris Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Clemson University

2015: Outstanding Reviewer Recognition, IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement