Kenneth E. Hancock, Ph.D.

Harvard Medical School

Instructor in Otolaryngology

Massachusetts Eye and Ear


Research Summary

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Research Summary

Dr. Hancock is an auditory neuroscientist who specializes in the central auditory system. His primary research interests include applications of technology in auditory research, as well as neural coding of interaural time differences (ITDs). Dr. Hancock has developed software systems for stimulus generation and data acquisition in auditory neurophysiology experiments.

Select Publications

A physiologically based model of interaural time difference discrimination. Hancock, K.E. and Delgutte, B.  J. Neurosci., 24:7110-7117, 2004.

Neural Coding of Interaural Time Differences with Bilateral Cochlear Implants: Effects of Congenital Deafness. Hancock KE, Noel V, Ryugo DK, Delgutte B (2010) J Neurosci 30:14068-14079.

Neural ITD coding with bilateral cochlear implants: effect of binaurally coherent jitter. Hancock KE, Chung Y, Delgutte B (2012) Journal of Neurophysiology 108:714-728.

Congenital and prolonged adult-onset deafness cause distinct degradations in neural ITD coding with bilateral cochlear implants. Hancock KE, Chung Y, Delgutte B (2013) J Assoc Res Otolaryngol 14:393-411.

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