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Ilene Kay Gipson, Ph.D.

Center Affiliations

Research Summary

Previously, Dr. Gipson focused her research on epithelial wound healing and anchorage using the accessible corneal epithelium as a model system. Currently, she is focusing on the function of mucins on the ocular surface epithelia and their alteration in disease and infection. She has determined regulators of goblet cell differentiation at the ocular surface, and the role of their secreted mucins, in ocular surface health. More recently she has determined the important barrier function of membrane anchored mucins present in the ocular surface glycocalyx.

Photo of Ilene Kay Gipson, Ph.D.

Ilene Kay Gipson, Ph.D.


Schepens Eye Research Institute

20 Staniford Street

Boston, MA 02114

T: 617-912-0210

F: 617-912-0101