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Sunil Kumar Chauhan, Ph.D.

Center Affiliations

Research Summary

Dr. Chauhan focuses his research on immunomodulation and regeneration in corneal injury and inflammatory conditions, including autoimmune dry eye disease, transplant rejection, and angiogenesis. He was among the first to report the involvement of highly pathogenic and autoreactive Th17 cellsin the immunopathogenesis of dry eye disease, and is currently researching the role of regulatory T cells (Treg), pathogenic Th17 cells, and their secreted cytokines in the induction of antigen-specific immunity and tolerance,both in corneal transplantation and autoimmune dry eye disease. In addition, Dr. Chauhan demonstrated that mesenchymal stem cells home to the injured cornea, engraft, and promote corneal epithelial regeneration, which has significant therapeutic implications for corneal injuries. He is developing strategies for clinical translation of his novel research findings.

Photo of Sunil Kumar Chauhan, Ph.D.

Sunil Kumar Chauhan, Ph.D.


Schepens Eye Research Institute

20 Staniford Street

Boston, MA 02114

T: 617-912-0258