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Eaton-Peabody Laboratories

The Eaton-Peabody Laboratories (EPL), founded in 1958, comprise a multi-disciplinary group of 27 Investigators within 11 Research Units dedicated to the study of hearing and deafness. EPL Investigators include clinicians and basic scientists, who bring together scientific strengths in neuroanatomy, physiology, psychology, pharmacology, electrical engineering, physics, mathematics, molecular biology, immunology, cell biology and genetics.
Research Areas:
The research interests of the group span the auditory system from peripheral to central, from animal model to human patient, from normal to abnormal function, from neurophysiology to behavior, and from the molecular and genetic bases of deafness to its treatment via hearing aids and auditory implants, as well as efforts to develop stem-cell-based strategies to rebuild the damaged inner ear. Most projects involve collaborations among multiple investigators, and most investigators participate in multiple projects. One way of summarizing the major research areas, and participating investigators, is as follows - more information is available at each investigator's website, and at research units as indicated:
Middle Ear: Conductive Hearing Loss
Cochlear Mechanics & Otoacoustic Emissions
Inner Ear:  Hair Cell and Cochlear Nerve
      Hair Cell Biophysics Unit
      Neurochemistry Unit
Inner Ear:  Sensorineural Hearing Loss
      Winthrop/Doreau Molecular Neuroscience Unit
Inner Ear:  Regeneration
      Tillotson Cell Biology Unit
Central Auditory Circuits
Tinnitus and Auditory Imaging
      Tinnitus Unit
Auditory Prostheses: Brainstem Implants
Research Training:
Doctoral research can be carried out with EPL faculty under the Program in Speech and Hearing BioScience & Technology (SHBT), a part of the Health Sciences and Technology Division of Harvard/MIT.
Research Seminars:
EPL Seminars feature weekly research presentations on topics relevant to Hearing and Deafness
Research Resources:
EPL technical staff, supported by a P30 Core Grant from the NIDCD, have developed hardware, software, and tutorials for research and/or training, including Imaging Resources, Engineering Resources, and Histology Resources.