Ocular Surface Imaging Studies

Contact Information


If you are interested in this research study, please contact Cornea_Service@meei.harvard.edu or call 617-573-3313.

Physicians in the Cornea Service at the Mass. Eye and Ear have been conducting several ocular surface imaging studies investigating several different corneal diseases including: infectious keratitis, corneal dystrophies, and graft rejection. We have also been imaging donor corneas in patients with Boston Keratoprosthesis implants. With all these different studies, we aim to investigate the differences at the cellular level between different kinds of corneal diseases and infections in acute cases as well as over time.
As part of our ongoing research, we are currently seeking volunteers with normal, healthy eyes to undergo corneal imaging for a research study to function as the control group for the aforementioned studies. We would like to compare the images of healthy corneas and lids with images from unhealthy eyes to examine cellular and nerve differences.
To be eligible for participation, you must meet the following criteria:
-Be 18 or older
-Do not wear contact lenses
-Do not currently use eye medications
-No eye disease or infection within the past year (including dry eye syndrome)
-Have not had LASIK surgery
-General good health

Participation in this study would consist of one ocular imaging session and will last approximately 45-60 minutes. Participants will be compensated $50 should they complete the study.

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