Title Validation of a candidate biomarker for diabetic retinopathy
MEEI Protocol ID
National Clinical Trial (NCT) Number
Condition Diabetic Retinopathy
Principal Investigator
Mara Lorenzi, M.D.
Study Design
Observational study
Study Objective Determine whether the response of the retinal blood vessels to a change in blood pressure provides information about the development of diabetic retinopathy.
Who is Eligible Subjects with type 1 diabetes: males and female 18-50 years of age with minimal to mild degree of diabetic retinopathy of recent onset.  Control subjects: males and females 18-50 years of age with normal blood glucose levels and no history of diabetes.
Subject Enrollment We are currently enrolling individuals with Type 1 Diabetes.  Potential participants will be screened to determine eligibility.
Study Procedures
Measurements of blood pressure and blood glucose (with glucometer); blood drawing for HbA1c measurement; visual acuity exam; intraocular pressure measurement; pupil dilation, retinal photographs; non-invasive measurements of retinal vessels with laser Doppler flowmeter.
For More Information Francesco Tecilazich, M.D.
T: 617-697-7263


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