Combination Lucentis and Proton Radiation for Choroidal Melanoma

Combination Lucentis and Proton Radiation for Choroidal Melanoma
MEEI Protocol ID 07-06-040
National Clinical Trial (NCT) Number NCT00765921
Condition Choroidal Melanoma
Sponsor Genentech
Principal Investigator
Principal Investigator Ivana Kim, M.D.
Study Design This is a Phase II singel center, masked, randomized clinical trial.
Study Objective To evaluate the safety of 2 doses of Lucentis,a medication that is anti-angiogenic and anti-inflammatory, in combination with proton radiation for patients with melanoma of the eye.  We will also assess if Lucentis injections may be beneficial for reducting complications due to proton radiation.
Who is Eligible Individuals with untreated choroidal melanomas that are located near structures that are important for good vision (optic nerve, macula).
Subject Enrollment We are currently enrolling individuals with eye melanoma who meet all study criteria.
Study Treatment All qualified participants will receive their first Lucentis injection before they begin a five-day course of proton radiation, which is standard therapy for patients with ocular melanoma.  Subsequently, Lucentis injections will be given every two months for two years.
For More Information Edward Miretsky, Study Coordinator

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