In Vivo Effects of Antiglaucomatous Prostglandin Therapy on Immune Cells, Epithelium, and Nerves of the Ocular Surface: A Laser In Vivo Confocal Microscopy Study
MEEI Protocol ID
National Clinical Trial (NCT) Number
Alcon Research Ltd.
Principal Investigator
Pedram Hamrah, M.D.
Study Design
Treatment, parallel assignment, Double blind (Subject, Care giver, Investigator), Randomized
Study Objective
Who is Eligible
Healthy adults, 18 and over, with Glaucoma disease, who have never used anti-glaucoma drops. 
Subject Enrollment
We are currently enrolling individuals who have glaucoma who meet the study eligibility criteria.
Study Procedures
Participation in this study involves 4 visits to our Ocular Surface Imaging Center for an eye exam and corneal imaging over a period of 6 months in conjunction to your regularly scheduled glaucoma service consultation, each of which could last up to 45 additional minutes. The findings will allow us to compare the effects of each of the drops on the ocular surface of the eye. Each participant will be given a 6-month supply of glaucoma drops once they have passed the screening and will be asked to follow the prescribed regimen of treatment.
Study participants will be equally randomized to receive one of two anti-glaucoma drops: Travatan Z (SofZia-containing) or Xalatan (BAK-containing). Both anti-glaucoma drops are considered equally effective at controlling glaucoma disease and are FDA-approved standard anti-glaucoma regimen. We would like to use the information gathered from this research study to examine if there are any differences at the cellular level between the corneas of patients using these different glaucoma drops.
For More Information
Cornea Research 617-573-3313


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