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Mass. Eye and Ear Research News

This section is designed to assist people seeking information about the latest research in ophthalmology and otolaryngology at Mass. Eye and Ear.

Please note, this is a limited list of articles. Please see our recent press releases for a comprehensive list of all Mass. Eye and Ear related new. You can also view Mass. Eye and Ear publications on line, such as our Annual Reports and Contact newsletters.

Research News

May 4, 2015 Researchers Earn Highest Honors from ARVO, Recognized for Champalimaud Vision Award
March 26, 2015Research: Wearable Device Helps Vision-Impaired Avoid Collision
march 24, 2015Research: First Study Shows Outcomes for Pro Singers After Thyroid Surgery
March 18, 2015 Research: Baking Soda for Better Vision?
March 2, 2015First Study Compares Drugs for Diabetic Macular Edema
FEB. 23, 2015Shedding Light on Biological Pathways of Vestibular SchwannomasFeb. 5, 2015
Research: NSAIDs Stop Tumor GrowthDec. 23, 2014
Research: Blocking Notch Pathway Provides New Route to Hearing Restorationnov. 20, 2014Research: GEDi Test for Inherited Eye Disease Genes Proves Accurate
Nov. 14, 2014
Hearing Effects Continue to Reverberate After Boston Marathon Bombings
nov. 12, 2014 New Properties of Microbes That Cause Conjunctivitis Discovered
Oct. 31, 2014
Scientists Create New System: Could Be Used to Treat Deafness, Other Genetic Disorders
OCT. 23, 2014Bertarelli Foundation Helps Tackle Blindness, Deafness Through Neuroengineering
Oct. 21, 2014Scientists Restore Hearing in Noise-Deafened Mice
Sept. 22, 2014Poll: Americans Rate Losing Vision as Having Biggest Impact, Underscores Need for More Research FundingSept. 17, 2014Dr. Dan Merfeld Named Vestibular Medicine Champion
Sept. 10, 2014Mass. Eye and Ear Researchers Win World's Most Prestigious Vision Award
Sept. 5, 2014
Research: Outdoor Activity May Cause Eye Disease, Sunglasses May HelpSept. 4, 2014Researchers Define a Spontaneous Neovascular Mouse ModelJuly 29, 2014Read about Generous Support from Research to Prevent Blindness
July 21, 2014Iodine Supplementation May Alleviate Retinal Swelling in RP PatientsJuly 2, 2014Researchers Regrow Human CorneasJune 11, 2014Neskey-Coghlan Fellowship to Advance Care for Balance Disorder PatientsJune 9, 2014Audiogame Helps with Hearing In Noisy Environments
May 20, 2014Drs. Miller and D'Amore Awarded Top Honors at ARVO
May 16, 2014Professional Voice Users Benefit from Nerve Monitoring During Thyroid SurgeryApril 3, 2014Higher Folate Intake May Be Associated with Lower Risk of Exfoliation Glaucoma

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