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Ophthalmology Core Services

Resources available to the researchers of the H.M.S. Ophthalmology Department
Funded by the National Eye Institute core grant P30EY14104 Grant P.I. and Core Director: Janey L. Wiggs, M.D., Ph.D.

The goal of the core facilities is to enhance the productivity of individual research programs, create opportunities for new research endeavors, and promote collaborative efforts in identifying the molecular, cellular and genetic bases of normal eye function and the origins of eye diseases. The core facilities includes three modules: 1) The Morphology and Microscopy Module provides resources, services and technical assistance in conducting laser scanning confocal microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, and light microscopy. 2) The Molecular Biology Module provides DNA sequencing and general molecular biology services and supplies. 3) The Clinical Interface Module provides assistance to research programs requiring human blood collection. It facilitates the preparation and storage of lymphocyte pellets, preparation of DNA samples, and maintenance of databases containing clinical information related to patients with stored blood samples.

Facilities Supervisor Personnel
Sequencing (DSCVR) (MB) Terri McGee x3284

Maria Janssian x3038

Cell Culture, Equipment & Media (MB)

Francesca Pignoni x5552

Alyna Dale x3978
Morphology Tiansen Li x3904 Norman Michaud x3316    Sreedevi Mallemadugula x6423
Clinical Interface Janey Wiggs x6440 Kevin Linkrom x6447