Potential Gift Designations

How You Can Help

Provide World-Class Education for Trainees

Designating a gift to Resident or Fellows Funds will help provide critical resources, training tools, and mentorship to our trainees, preparing them to excel in today’s increasingly complex and global healthcare environment.

Keep Pace with Changing Technologies

As one of the most comprehensive ophthalmology libraries in the world, the Howe Library at Mass. Eye and Ear is an essential resource for the department’s medical and scientific community. Help us continue to provide the highest level of service to trainees and faculty in this era of digital technology by designating a gift to the Howe Library Fund. Your gift will allow us to keep pace with changing technologies and ensure that all Mass. Eye and Ear locations have electronic access to journals and other resources.

Make a Commitment to Excellence

Our Institutes and Centers of Excellence are multidisciplinary collaborations that aim to advance patient care, conduct transformational research, and offer a world- class education. Institutes are discipline-focused, while Centers of Excellence are disease-focused. Designating a gift to one of the Centers of Excellence or Institutes can help provide critical programmatic support for their work.
  • Age-related Macular Degeneration Center of Excellence
  • Cornea Center of Excellence
  • Diabetic Eye Disease Center of Excellence
  • Glaucoma Center of Excellence
  • Mobility Enhancement and Vision Rehabilitation Center of Excellence
  • Ocular Oncology Center of Excellence
  • Infectious Disease Institute
  • Ocular Genomics Institute
  • Ocular Regenerative Medicine Institute

Encourage Growth and New Opportunities

By designating your gift to the Chief of Ophthalmology Discretionary Fund, you will help the department seize new opportunities to invest in its people, research, and teaching programs to continually build the excellence of the department.

Create a Named Fund

Support Faculty Through a Named Faculty Fund

Faculty are the driving force behind innovations in clinical care, research, and education. Help us guarantee that our clinicians and scientists have the time and resources they need to make a difference. By creating a Named Faculty Fund, you can honor a particular faculty member or support their work directly.

Be a Champion of Life-long Learning

If education is what moves you, consider creating a Named Educational Fund, which could support training or conferences, provide travel grants for trainees, or honor our renowned mentors or alumni.

New Funding Opportunities

Do you feel passionate about an aspect of your training that you want to commemorate? Have you considered establishing a named lectureship, fellowship or professorship?

While these categories are suggestions for gift designations, we hope you will help shape the department’s future by making a gift that means the most to you – even if it is not on this list. There are many options for giving, from endowments to partial funding and one-time contributions. Please contact Julie Dutcher in the Development Office at 617-573-3350 to explore the possibilities.

For more information on our Ophthalmology Department programs, visit our website.