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ACGME Otology Codes

*Stapes 69660
*Revision Stapes: 69662
ME Exploration (postauric or transcanal): 69440
Cochlear Implant (2 codes):
Insertion: 69930
*Mastoidectomy: 69502
Replace implant in TB: 69717
Implant BAHA: 69714 (with STSG 15120)
Decompress VII: 69720
Endolymphatic sac decomp + shunt 69806
Transcanal excis glomus tumor 69550
Eust Tube Catheter, transnasal:  69400

I. Ablation (log mastoids separately and unbundled from reconstruction procedure codes!)
*Simple mastoid: 69501
*Complete mastoid (CWU): 69502
*MR Mastoid (CWD stapes +/-malleus, incus   intact): 69505
*Radical mastoid (CWD all ossicles taken): 69511
*Rev mastoid to complete: 69601
*Rev mastoid to Mod rad: 69602
*Rev mastoid to Rad: 69603
*Mastoid oblit: 69670
Lateral TB resection: 69535
Auriculectomy: 69120
CPA tumor: 61520

II. Reconstruction:
Meatoplasty: 69310
STSG (usually assist): 15120
Exostoses/Canalplasty: 69140
*Tymp without OCR: 69631
*Tymp with OCR: 69632 (native tissue) or 69633 (TORP or PORP) *** need to log twice to get both key indicators of tympanoplasty and OCR

Local exc lesion: 57500