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ACGME Laryngology Codes

Suspension microlaryngoscopy (SML) with resection of polyp /mass: 31541
SML/resection nodule / submucosal mass 31545
SML with PDL: 31541
*SML with cordectomy: 31370
*SML with endoscopic hemi laryngectomy:   antero-vertical: 31380   latero-vertical: 31375   antero-latero-vertical: 31382
Bhatta injection laryngoplasty: 31570
Suspension micro injection or injection laryngoplasty: 31571
Medialization thyroplasty (gortex, Monte): 31588
Triple procedure:
 Adduction arytenopexy: 31400
 Medialization thyroplasty: 31588
 Cricothyroid subluxation: 31599
Office-based PDL: 31578
Office-based injection laryngoplasty: 31513
Laryngeal EMG: 95865