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ACGME Head and Neck Reconstructive Codes

Free/Pedicled Flaps
*RFFF (log assist if you help with inset): 15758
*FFF (log assist if you help with inset): 20969
*ALT (log assist if you help with inset): 15756 
*Pec Flap: 15734
*TPFF, or temporalis muscle flap, or SCM rotational flap: 15732  (all have same code)

*Cervico-facial rotational/advancement flap:
 if <10 cm2: 14060
 if 10-30 cm2: 14061
 if > 30cm2: 14300

*Paramedian forehead flap 15731
*Takedown of paramedian forehead flap pedicle (2nd stage) 15630

If you scrub in to…
-Close the arm:
skin graft: 15100 
arm wound: 12035
-*Advancement closure of leg (fibula, ALT):
-Close the chest (pec): 14001
-Close the neck: 12046
-Close the parotid 12055