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ACGME Endocrine Codes

*Hemithyroidectomy: 60220
*Completion thyroidectomy: 60260
*Total thyroidectomy: 60240
*Total thyroidectomy with pre-tracheal / prelaryngeal dissection: 60252
     Randolph thyroid where he does most of the first lobe and you are surgeon on the other side: (Log two different case IDs, one for hemi as assistant and the other as hemi as resident surgeon)
*Parathyroid auto-transplantation: 60512
*Parathyroidectomy: 60500

*Radical ND: 38720
Submandibular gland excision: 42440
Deep cervical node biopsy: 38510 (not a key indicator!)
If you get into IJ and repair it: 35201
SLN Bx/ Exc: 38510
Exc soft tissue, neck: 21555
Exc tumor, deep neck: 21556
Drainage of RP or PPS abscess external approach: 42725
Resection parapharyngeal space tumor: 61605