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Cornea and External Diseases

Refractive Surgery

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  • Ophthalmology

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Dr. Melki is a leading authority on laser vision correction. He is a senior instructor with the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, where he teaches physicians from around the world. He is an attending physician at Massachusetts Eye and Ear, where he completed his two-year fellowship training in corneal diseases and laser vision correction. He is also on the clinical faculty at Harvard Medical School.

He has performed more than 7,000 LASIK, LASEK, and PRK procedures and has authored two textbooks on the subject. Several surgical instruments bear his name for his innovative design. Dr. Melki's leading role in refractive surgery has been recognized by the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery for his award-winning technique of M-LASEK. His clinical practice also encompasses corneal and complex cataract surgery.

Clinical Interests

Corneal and refractive surgery, complex cataract surgery

Selected Publications

101 Pearls in Refractive Cataract and Corneal Surgery. Melki SA, Azar DT Eds. Slack inc. 2001 (1st ed.) 2006 (2nd ed.)

Step by Step LASIK Surgery. Vajpayee RB, Sullivan L, Melki SA, Sharma N. Eds. Jaypee, 2003

Mulroy, LM, Kim J, Wu I, Scharper P, Melki SA, Azar DT, Redmond RW, Kochevar I. Photochemical Keratodesmos (PKD) for Repair of Lamellar Corneal Incisions. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2000; 41(11):3335-40

Melki SA, Talamo JH, Demetriades AM, Jabbur NS, Essepian JP, O'Brien TP, Azar DT. Late Traumatic Dislocation of Laser in situ Keratomileusis Corneal Flaps. Ophthalmology. 2000 Dec;107(12):2136-

Melki SA, Azar DT. LASIK Complications: Etiology, Prevention and Management. Surv Ophthalmol. 2001 Sep-Oct;46(2):95-116. Review

Vajpayee RB, Mukerji N, Tandon R, Sharma N, Pandey RM, Biswas NR, Malhotra N, Melki SA. Evaluation of umbilical cord serum therapy for persistent corneal epithelial defects. Br. J. Ophthalmol. 2003: 87, 1312-1316

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  • Biology, American University of Beirut, BS
  • Molecular Physiology and Biophysics, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Ph.D.
  • Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, M.D.


  • Ophthalmology, Georgetown University Hospital


  • Cornea, External Diseases and Refractive Surgery, Mass Eye and Ear