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Employee Update

As you have likely heard by now, Boston’s 4th of July Celebration on the Esplanade has been moved to tomorrow, July 3.   We are working to minimize the effect of road and parking lot closures for patients and employees.  As of right now, the state plans to begin closing Storrow Drive in the nearby vicinity at noon.   The state will also begin to take over the Mass. Eye and Ear parking lots for emergency staging and handicapped parking.  

Mass. Eye and Ear will be open tomorrow to care for patients.  If you are scheduled to work tomorrow, you are expected to report for duty.

 If you drive to work, we recommend the following:
·         Take public transportation, if you are able.
·         Carpool, if you are able.
·         If you have an assigned parking place at a location other than the lots, (i.e., Emerson, Bubble Garage or Museum of Science), you must use it tomorrow.
·         If you must park in the lots tomorrow, use the Storrow Drive lot as it will likely be in use longer than the Charles lot.
If you take inquiries from patients:
·         Mass. Eye and Ear is open to care for patients tomorrow, just as it is every day.  
·         Encourage patients to call their doctors’ office in the morning to confirm their appointment.
If you have questions or concerns, contact your supervisor.