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Harvard Ophthalmology Annual Meeting & Alumni Reunion, June 23-24, 2017

Course Directors: Joan W. Miller, M.D., FARVO, Joseph F. Rizzo III, M.D., FARVO, Ula V. Jurkunas, M.D., and Gena Heidary, M.D., Ph.D.

Save the date for the Harvard Ophthalmology Annual Meeting and Alumni Reunion, a two-day event that showcases the latest advances in clinical care and research in ophthalmology. The event is aimed at current and former members of the department, including faculty, ophthalmology residents and fellows, and research trainees. On the first day, the Annual Meeting features department updates, faculty presentations, the keynote Mariana Mead Lecture, and a poster contest presented by current trainees. The Alumni Reunion, held on the second day, unites our newest resident and fellowship graduates with our alumni and highlights the careers and accomplishments of 10 alumni who deliver lectures as representatives of their graduating classes. Distinguished Achievement Awards are also presented for both clinical and research accomplishments.  This weekend provides opportunities to reconvene with former classmates, meet members of the current Harvard Medical School faculty, tour newly renovated areas of the hospital, and reconnect to Boston.

For more information, visit the Harvard Ophthalmology website.

Military Vision Symposium on Ocular & Vision Injury, March 30-31, 2017

Course Directors: Darlene A. Dartt, PhD and John I. Loewenstein, MD

Eye injuries in war have changed and increased in number, as weapons, tactics, technology, and strategies have evolved. During this symposium, military experts, vision researchers, and ophthalmologists will convene in Boston to discuss the public health aspect of eye injuries as well as the physics, consequences, rehabilitation, and restoration of blast injuries.

For more information, visit the Harvard Ophthalmology website.

Biennial International Cornea Conference, October 13-14, 2017

Course Director: Reza Dana, M.D., M.Sc., M.P.H.

Since the 1960s, the Biennial Cornea Conference has explored current basic and translational research developments of the cornea and anterior ocular surface, promoting interaction and discussion among leaders in the field of cornea and catalyzing new insights into the pathogenesis and therapy of ocular surface diseases.

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