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Beyond Measure, Setting the Standard for Quality Care 

At Mass. Eye and Ear our patients expect exceptional care and service every time they walk through our front door.  They trust that a knowledgeable and competent team of healthcare providers will provide them with exceptional care and service.

The objective of the Quality Plan is to provide our patients with exceptional care and service.  The institutional commitment to quality is fundamental to the services and care we provide. 

The Quality Plan strives to ensure that the care we deliver is safe, timely, effective, equitable, efficient, and patient centered.

Building On Our Quality Foundation
Inspired by our commitment to excellence, using national quality standards, learning from numerous experts and the Institute of Medicine reports, our quality plan focuses on four components:

• Outcomes
• Provider Excellence
• Process Improvement
• Clinical Incidents Response

Organizational Support
The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that management and physician leadership have a plan for defining and implementing a Quality Plan. The Board of Directors has delegated to the Board Quality of Care Committee oversight of the Quality Plan.

The Quality Plan is supported by the department chairs, executives and the Board of Directors. It applies to all departments, physicians and employees.  Physician quality leaders and leadership staff have been selected to work together with the CEO, CMO, CNO and CFO to oversee quality through the Steering Committee for Quality (SCQ).  The SCQ reports quality activities and recommendations to the Board Quality of Care Committee.

Establishing Our Goals
Our quality goals focus on improving care and service. The 2014 quality goals are based on feedback received from our patients, staff and board members.