Executive/Administrative Staff

John Fernandez, President and CEO, 617-573-3006
Sunil Eappen, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, 617-573-3378
Jeff Pike, MPH, Chief Operating Officer, 617-573-4473
Debra Rogers, Vice President Ophthalmology, 617-573-3241
Rachel Wasserstrom, MBA, Vice President Otolaryngology, 617-573-4010
Eileen Lowell, R.N., M.M., Chief Nursing Officer, 617-573-5949
Alan Long, Ph.D., Vice President Research and Academic Affairs, 617-573-3499
Ken Holmes, Chief Financial Officer, MEEA, 617-573-6950
Melissa Paul, Chief Development Officer, 617-573-3342
Jennifer Street, Vice President Communications and Planning, 617-573-3811
CarolAnn Williams, Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Finance and Administration, 617-573-3013
Martha Pyle Farrell, Vice President HR and General Counsel 617-573-3004

Board of Directors

Wycliffe Grousbeck, Chairman
Jonathan Uhrig, Treasurer
Richard H. Aldrich, Vice Chair
Robert Atchinson
DeWalt Ankeny, Jr.
James C. Carlisle
Charles de Gunzburg
John Fernandez,
President and CEO
Samuel Fleming
Harvey W. Freishtat
Eugene Hill
Lyle Howland
Diane E. Kaneb
Jonathan Kutchins
Victoria McCullough
Joan W. Miller, M.D.,
Chief of Ophthalmology
D. Bradley Welling, M.D., Ph.D., FACS, Chief of Otolaryngology
Annette Nova
William E. Roman
Kathryn G. Vecellio