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Will McNamara

2009 - 2012 Team Eye and Ear member
Has raised $50,000 for Neuro-Ophthalmology research

Running with Team Eye and Ear has been one of the most positive experience I have ever had... the support, the friends I have made, and the good feeling when I cross the finish line. It helps me to know that my running and fundraising will benefit so many. It give me hope that I will one day be able to see again.

In April 2004, I had a mountain biking accident near Vail, Colorado, which left my back broken in many places.  During surgery for my back, I had a stroke to the optic nerve in both eyes, leaving me legally blind and facing a new way of life.

Due to the special rehabilitation I received, and support from friends and family, I walked out of the facility with only the aid of a cane.  I have two rods and many screws in my back, but my back has been fine, it’s been my eyes that hold me back.

My family has been looking, and we are all hoping, for some kind of cure for my eyes.  Although I had never been to Mass. Eye and Ear, I am so grateful that I found the hospital and Dr. Dean Cestari’s marathon team of eight individuals who were raising funds for neuro-ophthalmology research.  I knew it was the perfect match!  

I ran the 2009 Boston Marathon in memory of my father who I lost to cancer.  As a family, we have raised lots of funds for cancer.  Now we think my Dad would want us to do some fundraising for eye research for some type of cure for my eyes.  We know we found the right place.

I met Drs. Rizzo and Cestari for the first time the Friday before the Boston Marathon.  Talking with them gave me hope.  Hope that I will be able to see again one day thanks to their research.