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Joseph Rizzo, MD

2010 - 2011 Team Eye and Ear member
Has raised $54,681.78 for his Neuro-Ophthalmology Research


 As a neuro-ophthalmologist at Mass. Eye and Ear, I am constantly inspired by my patients. Last year a number of patients and colleagues ran to help raise money for my research. I was very touched by their commitment, and I decided if they can do it, I should do it too.

So I hit the pavement and trained hard through the winter, keeping both my patients and all those who suffer from retinal blindness, in my thoughts and close to my heart.

My research, the Boston Retinal Implant Project, is dedicated to restoring vision to the blind. We are developing a computer chip-like device that can be placed around the eyes of patients with severe visual loss in order to restore some sight. The Boston Retinal Implant Project, which began at Mass. Eye and Ear over 20 years ago, is being conducted in collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Research Laboratory of Electronics and the Boston Veterans Administration Medical Center.

Our overall goal is to improve the quality of life for the 1.6 million people worldwide who have lost their sight to retinitis pigmentosa and the millions more who are afflicted with age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of vision loss and blindness among Americans who are age 65 and older.

We will continue to work hard to achieve our goals. The funds we raise in partnership with John Hancock will allow us to develop our device more quickly. Together, we will both make a world of difference for those who are visually-impaired.