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Eugenia Park

2011 Team Eye and Ear member
Raised $5,070 for the unrestricted needs of the hospital

I was first introduced to Mass. Eye and Ear as a patient. At the age of 15, the left side of my face became paralyzed. Although I was lucky to recover almost fully, I was left with some residual symptoms that sent me on a decade long search for a doctor who could answer my questions. I first met Dr. Tessa Hadlock – a leading physician, researcher, and expert on facial paralysis – almost 10 years ago to address lingering symptoms of Bell’s Palsy. I still vividly remember how grateful I felt for her compassion and thorough knowledge of groundbreaking research in the field. As a patient, I found hope and inspiration from the physicians and researchers at Mass. Eye and Ear.

More than a decade later, I moved across the country to accept a position at Mass. Eye and Ear. I now work for the Office of Intellectual Property and Commercial Ventures to help bring the techniques and products developed by the researchers at this hospital to other health care institutions around the U.S. and around the world.

I am constantly inspired by the talented physicians, scientists, and physician-scientists that I meet each day who, like Dr. Hadlock, provide the best patient care while carrying out groundbreaking research. Working at Mass. Eye and Ear has confirmed what I sensed as a patient. The doctors and scientists here want to move the science forward because they care deeply about their patients. In turn, their engagement with research allows them to provide their patients with the best care available.