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Team Eye and Ear

We are Boston Strong

April 15, 2013: a day none of us will ever forget.

Immediately following the Boston Marathon bombings and for days afterwards, Mass. Eye and Ear physicians fanned out to many area hospitals to help those with eye and ear injuries caused by the blasts. Many people who were close to the explosions experienced both temporary and permanent hearing loss. Dr. Alicia Quesnel, ear specialist, described the scope of these injuries on NPR. Mass. Eye and Ear physicians will continue to follow up with many of the patients that they treated after the Marathon bombings for three years, hoping to learn more about this type of injury, previously only seen in combat trauma. Learn about this research study here.

While we are forever changed by the tragedies of Marathon Monday and the days that followed, we must not let this define our marathon experience. Team Eye and Ear came together as a team to help others and to raise funds for research and patient care at Mass. Eye and Ear. We are proud of our runners -- for their courage, hard work and dedication. Team Eye and Ear is Boston Strong and will run again.