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Caregivers Reflect at Concord, NH Panel Discussion

Within minutes after the first bomb exploded near the 2013 Boston Marathon finish line, our Emergency Department team was treating the first patients. Two of our ED nurses, Deb Trocchi and Maureen Martinez, and our ENT chief resident, Dr. Aaron Remenschneider, shared a behind-the-scenes look at a special panel held at NHTI on March 19 hosted by Team Eye and Ear's Jack Savage. Their story was covered numerous news outlets, including NECN. See their story.

Both Dr. Aaron Remenschneider and Jack Savage are running this April's Boston Marathon to fund research at Mass. Eye and Ear.  Please consider making a gift to support their efforts.

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Mass. Eye and Ear Nurse Manager Maureen Martinez, Clinical Leader Deb Trocchi, Team Eye and Ear member Jack Savage, and Chief ER Medical Resident Dr. Aaron Remenschneider



Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion

Dr. Aaron Remenschneider interviewed with local media