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Gala Committee

Honorary Chair

Joey McIntyre


Wyc & Corinne Grousbeck
Leila Mankarious, MD & Jamie Rome
Bob & Sherry Shulman


Stuart Abelson
Nichole & Rich Aldrich
Georgette & Sol Boucai
Judy & Jeffrey P. Buzen, MD
Michael S. Cohen, MD
Jaimie DeRosa, MD
Sunil Eappen, MD & Deborah S. Eappen, MD
Lisa Flessel
Paul E. George
Laurie & Richard E. Gliklich, MD
Stacey Tutt Gray, MD & Luther W. Gray, III
Karen F. Green
Paul M. Konowitz, MD
Daniel Lee, MD
Sofia Lingos Papaliodis, Esq.
Michael B. Rho, MD
Sarah & Joseph F. Rizzo, III, MD
Frans Van de Velde, MD, PhD
John D. Wise